Important Dates

Deadline:15th, July, 2020

Conference Date:July 25-26,2020

The meeting time countdown140days


All papers accepted by ILSCM-ITEAE2020 will be submitted to EI, Scopus and CPCI for indexing.


Please submit full papers to the conference via E-mail: Please title the Submission email with "paper submission+ TEL".


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Plenty experts have joined our Committee, please check for more details!
Papers related to Logistics and Supply Chain Management are welcomed!

Committee of ILSCM 2020

  • Editor

  • Prof. Yuran Jin, University of Science and Technology Liaoning, China

  • TPC

    Dr. Sun Hongxia,Henan University of Animal Husbandry and Economy,China

    Dr. Xiangtao Li,Northeast Normal University,China

    Prof. Qing-Chang LU,Chang'an University,China

    Prof. Xinguo YU,Central China Normal University,China

    Dr. Na Cui,University of Jinan, China

    Dr. Chengpeng WAN,Wuhan University of Technology,China

    Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Moneim El-Deeb,Al-Azhar,Egypt

    Dr. Fang Wang,Beijing Jiaotong University,China

    Dr. Xiangtao Li,Northeast Normal University,China

    Dr. Keqin Chen,Chengdu Neusoft University,China

    Dr. Binbin Qiu,Sun Yat-sen University,China

    Prof. Zeshui Xu, Sichuan University, China

    Prof. Farman Afzal, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan

    Prof. Chaoyang Chen,ReHunan University of Science and Technologysearch, China

    Dr.  Baodong Li, College of Mechanical Engineering, Chongqing University, China

    Dr. Yaqiang Wang, Chengdu University of Information Technology, China

    Dr. fuyiqi, Beijing Jiaotong University, China

    Dr. Chao Cai, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

    Dr. Muhammad Mohsin AnsariZhejiang University, China

    Dr. Izhar Mithal Jiskani, University of Mining and Technology,China

    Dr. Szeto, Wai YuenThe University of Hong Kong,China

    Dr. Jun Zhang, East China University of Technology,China

    Dr. Dmytro Kucherov,National Aviation University, Ukraine

    Dr. Jiujiu Yu, Anhui Sanlian University,China

    Dr. Min-Shiang Hwang,Chengdu University of Information Technology,China

    Dr. Yang Qiang,China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology,China

    Prof. Junmin Yi,Xiamen University of Technoolgy,China

    Dr. Xiao, Zuopeng,Harbin Institute of technology, China

    Dr. Luigi Rarità,University of Salerno, Italy

    Committee of ITEAE 2020


            Program Chair

  •            Prof. Defu Zhang, Xiamen University   China    

  •              Editor

  •            Dr. Firas Alrawi, Baghdad university, Irap

  •            Co-Editor

  •            Xianjian Jin, Shanghai University, China

  •            Thilina Perera, Nanyang Technological University, China   

  •             TPC

  •              Dr. Linqiang Ge, Georgia Southwestern State University, USA

  •             Dr. Abhinav Vinod Deshpande, California Public University (CPU), USA

  •             Dr. Bingbing Gao, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

  •             Dr. Fabiano de Lima Nunes, Feevale University, Brazil

  •             Dr. Houda CHIHI, National School of Engineers of Tunis, Tunis

  •             Dr. Xiaoli Liu, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

  •             Assoc. Prof.Y OUNG-J I B YON,   Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi, UAE   

  •             Dr. Shu Shen,  Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

  •             Dr. Dadmehr Rahbari, University of Qom, iran

  •             Dr. UZAIR JAVAID, National University of Singapore, Singapore

  •             Assoc. Prof. Harco Leslie Hendric, Spits Warnars, University of Indonesia, Indonesia

  •             Dr. Ford Lumban Gaol, Bina Nusantara University, Indonesia


  • Phone:18271961896
  • Phone(WeChat):18271961896
  • QQ:3124362129